Harmonizing your organization one laugh at a time


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Effective communication

Communication is THE biggest expense for the vast majority of corporations, and often times they don’t even realize it! This is because of misunderstandings, lack of clarity, and very often it is because of unconscious projections and judgments. Laughter to the rescue.

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Target Issues with Ease

Want to know something interesting about workplace issues? They all originate in the body. They are somatic tensions before they are words, and before they cost everyone money. The most effective resolution comes from getting clear on the actual origins of an issue.

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Growth can be fun

Oftentimes, corporate leadership training can be too boring, too challenging, too masculine, too rigid, etc. Creating more rules and regulations doesn’t lead to more authenticity. When training is actually FUN, and employees can feel joy in their bodies…that’s when perspectives shift.


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Its only work if you call it work

How do we work our magic?

Glad you asked.

Many believe it takes a very special person to be funny. Or to use comedy to diffuse a situation. Not true! Actually, it just takes practice. Some of us are "naturally funny" because we used humor as a childhood coping mechanism. Which means we got years of practice.

Humor is a tool. An instrument. It needs fine tuning, mistakes, and experimentation like anything else.