December 4, 2017

Laughter Harmonics

Will you join us in the laughter revolution?

Laughter has long been both a mysterious and powerful force of humanity.

It can be playful or taboo.  

‚ÄčCompassionate or cynical. 

So, what is laughter – and what is Laughter Harmonics?

A brief history of HA

The science of sound – specifically a holistic look at sound which is generated by the human breath – contains a broad spectrum of origins within the body.  Breath generated sounds can come from the gut or the throat, can bounce off the skull, can use or bypass the tongue, can be an open or tightened throat, and many more subtle variations.

The sound of laughter in particular fluctuates between people based on how consciously they allow their laughter to engage. Tight throated laughter is generally quite unconscious, where an open throat and deep guttural laugh can consciously clean the body from the inside out.

Taboo of HeeHee

Laughter isn’t always appropriate, as it can sometimes be perceived as destructive. It takes great care to laugh with complete freedom, while respecting the needs of others.

One of the unconscious reasons for the taboo is that whoever is laughing is generally perceived to have the power. Because of this, laughter can often trigger others into believing that they have been stripped of power. There is an often unspoken contract which says “I will give away my power so you won’t feel powerless”.

This is changing through Leadership Comedy. Re-purposing laughter for the emotional liberation of all is Laughter Harmonics.

How does Laughter Harmonics work?

Every gets triggered. Everyone has upsets. It’s a part of being human.

These facts are often seen as negative, as a burden, as something to be shameful of.

Actually, it’s the other way around. This is where our power is.  Triggers represent opportunities. Opportunities to laugh.

Laughter Harmonics is what we call the process of consciously using this opportunity for permanent change, on the spot. It’s incredible how easily perspectives shift when the body is engaged. Part comedy training, part somatic healing, and part communication dojo – the Leadership Comedy workshops are an experience which can always be repeated yet never forgotten.

+ / –

One can look at a human being as having positive and negative poles (also called masculine and feminine energy – but those terms are more loaded).

The positive energy, just like positive electrons in electricity, want to GO somewhere and DO something. They are moving. Negative polarity, just like in a battery, holds ‘space’ in which the positive can flow.

Laughter is positive energy. Laughter wants to MOVE. It is the act of letting positively charged energy escape OUT of the body. By moving our mind into a feminine space to ‘allow’ the positive energy to move OUT, we are healing ourselves.

When allowing ourselves to laugh while in a triggered state, we are literally draining our emotional wounding of excess positive energy. We are consciously choosing to shine our light, in the face of so many years of habitual repression. Let freedom ring!

To find out how we can bring more harmony to your team through laughter, reach out!