December 13, 2017


Curious what kind of results you can expect?

More natural and authentic relating

Once we have tools, especially tools which are agreed upon by company culture, everyone becomes more comfortable with each other. Employees have a common thread and a common experience through which they can relate. Everyone gets to see each other’s humanity to a greater degree, instantly creating more trust. It’s a system shift.

Speaking of Systemic Shifts

One of the outcomes we aim for is to influence the conscious companies we work with in such as a way that humor becomes a staple value, not only for the company but for their customers as well. Our aim is to prove the psychological and cultural value of humor to such an extent that we’d love to see it become a part of our clients’ internal memos, ad campaigns, even products.

When Trust is Anchored

There’s a big difference between conditional trust and anchored trust. When trust is anchored, those in the culture genuinely feel encouraged to learn, grow, push themselves outside of their comfort zones, and truly come to to alignment with their gifts. It goes from being just a ‘job’ to a lifestyle they can be proud of. When employees can hold their heads high, rather than feeling boxed in, their childlike wonder will be released

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